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My style of coaching is faith based of educational, inspirational and spiritual. I’ll share resources for expanding your understanding on spiritual, mental and physical level with simple practices to put your learning into action. I will guide you with all the support you will need in making the changes that will promote a healthier you to energize, and revolutionize the latent power that is within you!!


Appointments generally book 

1-3 wks in advance. 

Contact Dr Hodges and her team

(561) 777-3017 


 Upon confirmation of your appointment, I will send you an assessment to fill out and help you get you focused and clear about your specific needs and goals.

Take your time and hold space for your self-reflection. Fill out the form and email it back to me. I'll review, take notes and we'll dig in together.

Transform Your Dreams, Visions and Revelations NOW

For all who Dream dreams and see visions

The 90-Day Total Transformation Break Thru

All sessions are one hour. We’ll start with a relaxing session then submerge into conversation. We’ll focus on your unique goals and the best approach and practices for your needs.



•Individualized coaching to identify and clarify your health wellness and spiritual goals

•A customized action plan by design

•Coaching and support to help you make the lifestyle changes

•A comprehensive health history

•Activate the Latent Power within

•You will gain Spiritual Wisdom & Knowledge, skills that will strengthen self confidence, conquer your       fears and bring awareness to the true self

•Understand the keys to dreams visions and revelation

•Practical Accountability with each session

•Guided meditations to eradicate : Anxiety, depression, stress and to activate a peace and calm

•My personal commitment to your health and success

You'll walk away with an accountability to strategize and implement a new way, and a new journey.

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My coaching programs are designed with your health, lifestyle, and personal goals leading the way. As your Spiritual Life Health Coach you will learn how to unwind self-defeating behaviors and patterns and learn how to stabilize healthy habit that last. Each program is tailored to meet each individual’s goal as I will personalize and design a plan especially for you! 

Through adding in simple spiritual practices to your daily routine you can open and release the latent power within, unblocking the energy, feel more centered, and build a foundation to reaching your spiritual and wellness goals. 

As a team we will identify your personal goals, strengthen the inner man and create a custom designed roadmap to your success that is flexible, accessible and fun.

We will assist in lifestyle choices to support you to make gradual, lifelong changes that will empower you to reach your current and future spiritual and life changing goals, to learn how to apply powerful, time-tested spiritual principles to your life today. We’ll approach each client and explore by design a program tailored especially for you.

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